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Autumn/Winter 2019:

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Areas of learning:

  • Providing safe shiatsu for family and friends

  • Moving from hara (the centre) and using body weight

  • Shiatsu technique using fingers, thumbs and palms  

  • Exploring different qualities of touch

  • Using active and ‘listening’ touch

  • Key acupressure points

  • The classical meridian system

  • An introduction to yinyang 

  • Makko Ho stretching exercise routine

An Introduction to Shiatsu: an 8-week course

Learn a new skill, develop a new practice

This short, practical course is designed to equip you with the skills and experience to share safe, simple shiatsu with your family and friends. During the course you will also learn some exercise routines, suitable for use as part of your own health and wellbeing maintenance.


Whilst the course will emphasise practical skills, it will also introduce you to some of the key ideas underpinning shiatsu.

To ensure that you receive appropriate support through the course, class sizes are kept to a maximum of 8 people.


To register, or for all enquiries please contact me by email, or phone. Class dates and times will be regularly updated below.


I look forward to practising shiatsu with you!   

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